Lapa church

In front of the GZ hostel there is the Brotherhood of Nª Senhora da Lapa which was established in 1755 by Pope Benedict XIV.

In the chancel, behind a heavy bronze door, is the heart of D. Pedro IV (King of Portugal and latter first emperor of Bresil) offered to the city by the widow Empress D. Amélia de Beauharnais, fulfilling the desire of her husband.

4 in 4 years the door is opened by officials from the Porto City Council, in order to replace the liquid in the jar in which the heart is inserted.
In the choir was placed a 1995 pipe organ designed by the German master organ maker Georg Jann. It is the largest organ of the Iberian Peninsula. Note that this church has a facade full of stones (about 2723). It is also one of the most important churches of the assets of the Invicta city.

Lapa Cemetery is the oldest particular cemetery oporto and his greatness can be seen at the mausoleum of José Ferreira Borges or José de Parada Silva e Leitão.

Beside the church where the heart of D. Pedro IV is kepted, Camilo Castelo Branco – Portuguese famous writer – is buried and the revolver with which he committed suicide and the forbidden love letters to Ana Plácido are also placed there. Another famous writers that lies there are Ramalho Ortigão and Soares de Passos.

The guided tours of the heritage of the Brotherhood are on Friday and Saturday at 14:30 and 16:30, and admission is free.


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